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  • Workforce Florida - Employ Florida Banner Centers

    Led by Workforce Florida, Employ Florida Banner Centers are a statewide, industry-driven initiative focused on education and training. A keystone of the centers is the partnership among workforce, education, industry and economic development.  Through direct input from Florida busin...

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    2388 days ago

  • Medicaid Cuts, Agency Mergers Cleared by Senate Panel | Sunshine State News

    The committee also voted to merge the Department of Community Affairs and the Agency for Workforce Innovation into one “Jobs Florida” agency. Also, the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development would go under the direct supervision of the governor.The changes would mean ab...

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    2302 days ago

  • Audubon's Birthday

    Check out the pretty birds on Google: …and learn about the history of John James Audubon: you know the Florida State Bird? (The Mockingbird)Find out what other states have the same state bird:

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    1768 days ago

  • State authorization under the Program Integrity Regulations

    This letter provides guidance on State authorization in the context of distance learning under the Program Integrity regulations. Clarification of Enforcement. With regard to the State authorization provisions at 34 C.P.R. § 600.9(c), the Department will not initiate any action to establi...

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  • University of Florida News – A budget message from President Machen

    We are evaluating several options for further reducing our budget and generating new recurring funding. These include:•    Expanding and expediting our distance learning initiatives to generate new revenues;•    Developing shared, university-wide services c...

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  • Palm Beach State College

    State of Florida, Agency for Workforce Innovation / Office of Early Learning The Office of Early Learning is dedicated to ensuring the accessibility, affordability and quality of early learning services for Florida's children and families. Florida welcomes nearly 600 newborns every day and...

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    2140 days ago