Weekly Content

  1. FEB 7:  Introduction to MOOCs and PLEs
    Weekly Topic: Getting started in the course; Expectations; Where to go-what to do; Where to get help; Tell a friend (publicize your activity)
    Critical questions:  What is a MOOC?  How do you learn in a MOOC?  What is a PLE?  What is the theoretical foundation for PLEs?  How do PLEs support inquiry learning in K12?  What are some examples of PLEs?

    Live Session: Tuesday, February 8th, 7PM EST -- Wendy Drexler & Christopher Sessums -- Welcome and Introductions
    Click here to enter the LIVE SESSION. Room will be open at 6PM EST, 2/8/2011

  2. FEB 14:  The Networked Student Model:  Supporting the processes
    Critical questions:  What are the processes necessary to support construction of PLEs for inquiry? What is inquiry learning?  What tools are available to organize a PLE?  What does a PLE for K12 inquiry look like?  What is the significance of Really Simple Syndication (RSS)?

    Live Session: Tuesday, February 15th at 7PM EST feat. Dean Shareski & Shelly Blake-Plock
    Click here to enter the LIVE SESSION. 

  3. FEB 21:  Practicing digital responsibility
    Critical questions:  What are CIPA and COPPA; how do they affect your ability to facilitate PLEs in your classroom?  What is Fair Use?  Why is an acceptable use policy (AUP) important? 

    Live Session: Tuesday, February 22nd at 7PM EST feat. Kristin Hokanson
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  4. FEB 28:  Practicing digital literacy
    Critical questions:  How can teachers help students find and evaluate Internet resources?  How can an Internet search be conducted more effectively?  What are search options and alternatives?

    Live Sessions: Tuesday, March 1st at 7PM EST feat Wendy Drexler & Christopher D. Sessums
    Click here to enter the LIVE SESSION.

  5. MAR 7:  Organizing content
    Critical questions:  What organizational tools are available for K12 teachers?  What are the core organizational requirements?

    Live Sessions:
    Tuesday, March 8th at 7PM EST feat. Buffy Hamilton, Randy Hollinger, Clarence Fisher.

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  6. MAR 14:  Socializing and collaborating
    Critical questions:  How can students safely connect with subject matter experts?

    Live Sessions: TBA

  7. MAR 21:  Synthesizing and creating
    Critical questions:  How do we get students from collecting content to synthesizing content?  What is the role of creativity as a 21st Century skill?  Why is it important?

    Live Sessions: TBA

  8. MAR 28:  Sharing and evaluating the PLE
    Critical questions:  How has the understanding of personal learning environments changed?  What next steps could be taken to implement personal learning in the classroom?  How are PLEs evaluated?

    Live Sessions: Tuesday, March 29th at 7PM EST feat. Wendy Drexler & Christopher Sessums